Sakura Playing Cards Winter Edition


Sakura Playing Cards:

  • Custom Designed Deck of Cards
  • Crushed Bee Casino Stock
  • Thin Bordered Backs
  • Printed in USA by The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • Limited Decks Printed
  • 52 cards + 2 Jokers + 1 advertisement card = 55 cards



Similar to the first edition of Sakura, the back design is specifically cherry blossom themed and displays an intricate design, that consists of tree branch silhouettes that reach out from the edge of the cards, being parallel from each other. This specific use of tree branches are one of a kind.



In our first edition of Sakura Playing Cards, we utilized different shades of pink just like the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan during the Spring. Now, with our winter theme edition, Sakura is to exhibit a chilly twist.

Sakura Playing Cards Winter Edition utilizes winter themed colors, such as blue, white, and shades of grey.


Sakura Playing Cards is a perfect gift for any loved one during the Winter Season!


Welcome to Japan during this chilly time of the year...


With Mt. Fuji far along the horizon, obscured by the snowy weather, a red shrine sits centered at the distance.


The red shrine has a great significance to Japanese culture during the winter season. With time fleeting fast, Sakura is soon to bloom, but remains idle during this time as it awaits its flourish during the spring.


Sakura Playing Cards Winter Edition

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